Brittney Bauer

Assistant Professor of Marketing and holder of the Chase Minority Entrepreneurship Distinguished Professorship

Ph.D., Marketing & International Business, St. Louis University; International MBA, University of Denver; B.A., Business Administration, Ball State University, Summa Cum Laude

*During this time of social distancing Dr. Bauer is holding virtual office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 and 3:30-4:30.  Please email her for an appointment.

Dr. Bauer is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at Loyola University New Orleans, and holder of the Chase Minority Entrepreneurship Distinguished Professorship. She earned her dual Ph.D. in marketing and international business from Saint Louis University in 2019. Furthermore, she received a Certificate for University Teaching Skills from the Center of Teaching Excellence and a Research Methods Minor during her doctoral studies.

Dr. Bauer is the faculty director of the CoB Behavioral Lab, where she is responsible for designating the policies, procedures, and research studies that are conducted in the lab. Her major research interests are centered on consumer and cross-cultural consumer behavior. In particular, she is interested in understanding consumer psychological attachments and social judgements, and how marketing communications can speak directly to these perceptions. She frequently explores these topics within different contexts, such as how they manifest in consumer-brand relationships, celebrity endorsements, and international marketing.

In honor of her scholarly achievements, Dr. Bauer received the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 College of Business Outstanding Research Awards. Her work has been published in well-respected journals such as the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Product & Brand Management, and Academy of Management Perspectives. Dr. Bauer has an extensive research pipeline currently under review at top marketing and international business journals, and her work has also been noted in the media. She is an editorial review board member and ad-hoc reviewer for various academic journals. Moreover, Dr. Bauer is an active member of the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, Society for Marketing Advances, and Academy of International Business, and has performed various leadership roles for their respective annual meetings. She has also earned several Best Reviewer and Best Paper Awards at these national and international conferences.

Dr. Bauer worked in the field of marketing for a few years before deciding to pursue a vocation in academia. During the practitioner period of her career, she created and managed multiple marketing campaigns for organizations in the sports industry, as well as launched and maintained their social media presences. Prior to that, she worked on an international consulting team that crafted an Israeli firm’s market expansion plan. This included formulating a new international approach for targeting the small donor population, designing content for an integrated online presence, and creating promotions to augment the current donor-organization relationship and enhance donor loyalty. Her managerial and personal international experiences contributed significantly to her pursuit of a doctoral degree in marketing and international business. Furthermore, this also motivates the relevance of her research for practitioners, and allows her to provide valuable real-world insights in the classroom.

Recent Publications: 
  • Johnson, C., Bauer, B., & Carlson, B. (Forthcoming 2022). Constituency building: Determining consumers’ willingness to participate in corporate political activities. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39.
  • Johnson, C., Bauer, B., Kelting, K., Jankuhn, N., & Sim, W. (2021). Location, location… mailing location? The impact of address as a signal. Journal of Business Research, 128, 326-337.
  • Johnson, C., Bauer, B., & Niederman, F. (2021). The automation of management and business science. Academy of Management Perspectives, 35(2), 1-18.
  • Bauer, B. & Baum, N.(2021). Viral marketing in healthcare: The kind of virus you actually want to catch. Journal of Medical Practice Management, May/Jun Issue.
  • Baum, N. & Bauer, B. (2021). Utilizing Web 2.0 to bridge healthcare communication gaps. Journal of Medical Practice Management, Mar/Apr Issue.
  • Carlson, B., Donavan, T., Deitz, G., Bauer, B., & Lala V. (2020). A customer-focused approach to improve celebrity endorser effectiveness. Journal of Business Research, 109, 221-235.
  • Johnson, C., Bauer B., & Singh, N. (2020). Exploring flow in the mobile interface context. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 53.
  • Johnson, C., Bauer, B., Ascencio, C., & Kuang, Y. (2019). Priming from the pulpit: Extending regulatory focus theory to faith-based services. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 29(3), 437-447.
  • Bauer, B. C., Johnson, C. D., & Singh, N. (2018). Place-brand stereotypes: Does stereotype-consistent messaging matter?. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 27(7), 754-76.
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