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Learn entrepreneurship by doing it.

If you're a college student, you need to be competitive in the job market. If you're an emerging entrepreneur, you need to gain work experience as quickly as possible. Working for a start-up lets you do both, while also giving you the opportunity to test yourself, build your resume, meet other entrepreneurs, and most importantly, learn by doing in the face of uncertainty.

There's a national trend that highlights the need for more entrepreneurs, as seen in this article called Six Paths of the Typical U.S. College Graduate and Why They're All Wrong. (Hint: Entrepreneurship is more than just a career path--it's crucial to the economic future and character of the United States and abroad.) Early exposure gives students unique opportunities to work in innovative industries alongside practicing entrepreneurs.

"Join the team; be as involved as you can! Great opportunity; the more time you have to give; the more experience/skills you can gain." --VFN 2016 Student

Venture for NOLA Direct Placement Program


The Venture for NOLA (VFN) program, modeled after the national startup internship program Venture for America, gives you the real-world experience where you can apply what you've learned in classes, leverage your past experience, and develop new skill sets. It's also an opportunity to figure out if entrepreneurship and the startup world are where you want to live, work, and scale. Graduates of the VFN program have expanded their internships into full-time employment at major companies in the New Orleans area.

The VFN program runs during both the Fall and Spring semesters, and qualifies and trains students for direct placement with local start-up partners. The application process includes an online application and an in-person interview with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development.

Preference for companies is given to Loyola Alumni and partner-run companies. These companies represent a wide range of industries, mission orientation, and growth stage. VFN participants also receive training and mentoring opportunities and participate as a cohort that enhances group skills and networks.

"I learned a lot and was treated as more than just an intern. Tim was a great boss and I am hoping to continue working with him into the next year." --VFN 2016-17 Student


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Venture for NOLA 2017-18


Fall/Spring 2017-2018 Internship Companies TBD. Check back after August 21!


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Apply by September 1st! Please fill out an application here. Qualified candidates will be invited for an in-person interview after submitting the initial application. After the in-person interviews have concluded, finalists will then be placed with a partner company based on need, interests, and skill sets. Placements will begin with a launch meeting one week after the final round of interviews closes. Students can apply for an internship during Fall, the Spring, or both the Fall and the Spring (continuation into the Spring is contingent on a successful first semester.


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Previous Internship Companies

FALL 2016

  • ECHO is a mobile app that lets users rediscover, share, and connect with their musical past and the musical past of others.

  • Grok + Banter utilizes sensors to transform real people’s interactions into real-time metrics, giving you access to data about the real world like never before. 

  • KREWE is a New Orleans-based and culturally inspired independent eyewear company that celebrates individual style with modern, iconic frames.

  • Locally is a growing technology company that helps online shoppers find and buy products in-stock in nearby stores through a suite of tools for brands and retailers.

  • Pupular addresses the need for a fun, easy, and safe way for humans to socialize their dogs.

  • The Southern Letterpress offers locally handcrafted letterpress printing and design services.

  • VL Group creates award-winning digital media experiences for leading brands, including Corona, General Mills and Quaker.

  • zlien's cloud-based platform makes lien rights easy, empowering a fair payment process for the construction industry.

FALL 2014-SPRING 2016


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Credit Fulfillment

Credit Fulfillment

The program fulfills the required 120-hour undergraduate internship and can be taken for credit. The program is open to all Loyola students with a minimum of "Junior" standing, including graduate students and non-business majors. Expected time commitment is 10-12 hours per week for the Spring 2016 semester. Actual hours will be set with the employer.


To be successful in the VFN program, you should:

  • Complete and track 120 hours of "individual" work over the course of a semester.
  • Be available to work onsite. In some cases, remote work may be able to be arranged.
  • Be self-motivated and take initiative in spotting opportunities.
  • Manage up and try to get ahead of problems before they happen
  • Positively represent Loyola by being consistently engaged and delivering exceptional work.
  • Have an awesome experience that you can add to your resume and remember for the rest of your career!


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For more information, contact the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development at innovate@loyno.edu.

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