Learn to Code in New Orleans!

Create Through Code

Learning to code can allow you to build, innovate, and pursue your passion across a variety of industries. 

In-Person Instruction

The Certificate program is taught by real-world tech professionals. Each day's instruction is followed by studio hours, when students will build a project using what they just learned and can receive one-on-one help from the instructors.

10-Week Certification

Students will build websites and web-based applications using HTML/CSS and Javascript-based tools. Students will receive a certification transcript upon successful completion of the program. 

Weekly Site Visits

Throughout the program, students will participate in weekly site visits with tech employers in New Orleans. Students can meet the team members, learn about the roles available at each company, and tour the company offices.

Learn to Code in 10 Weeks

Coding isn't just for computer science majors or programmers-we've had students who majored in Marketing, Music, Economics, Film, Philosophy, Psychology, English, and more. Coding is a creative skill that many companies need for their client teams, product management, marketing, and more. 

The Loyola Certificate in Software Development and Coding program, hosted by Loyola University's CECD, teaches recent liberal arts students with non-technical majors how to build websites and web-based applications using JavaScript-based tools. No previous coding experience is required.

Previous Site Visit Companies


Program Information

Why Learn Coding?

Coding lets you leverage the power of technology to solve problems. Whether it's creating new products within organizations like GE Digital or developing solutions for clients through companies like LookFar, people who know how to code can drive national and international innovation by staying local. 

In this ten-week “ bootcamp,” you’ll earn more than a certificate that you can put on your resume. A line of code can do amazing things—it can protect people, connect them, inspire them, wow them. If you can write code, you can write your future. Take the first step in building the bridge between your graduation and your career, and apply today.

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What You Will Learn

Through a mix of coursework and hands-on implementation, this course will help you develop your own personal portfolio of web projects. In this program, you will learn to:

  • Build and design responsive webpages with core languages HTML & CSS
  • Design webpages quickly using front-end frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Create web application frameworks with JavaScript
  • Prototype database-driven apps
  • Deploy custom-built applications to the web using cloud-based hosting
  • Understand the difference between NoSQL and SQL-based databases, with basic SQL management and querying
  • Build their own APIs
  • Integrate third-party APIs into an application and pull in data from sources like Google Maps, Stripe, and Facebook
  • Apply the crucial skill of domain modeling resources and relationships in database-backed applications

Download a sample curriculum for the program here.

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Who Should Apply

The program is designed for graduating seniors and recent alumni from liberal arts universities anywhere in Louisiana. Previous program students have majored in Creative Writing, Economics, Music Studies, Graphic Design, and other non-technical majors. No coding experience is required.

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2019 Program Schedule

The 2019 program will run from June 3rd to August 9th, 2019. The instruction hours will take place during the morning and early afternoon (lunch break is included), to be followed by studio hours, where students will apply what they learned in order to build a project as part of their professional portfolio of projects.

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Program Cost

The cost of the program is $7,999 for 10 weeks of daily instruction and weekly site visits. A non-refundable $1,000 deposit is due at the time of enrollment to hold the student's spot in the program.  The balance of the tuition payment is due April 1, 2019. If enrollment is after May 15, 2019, the full amount of tuition including the deposit must be paid by the first day of the program (June 3, 2019). Since all software used during the program is open source, there are no additional fees for the use of software within the core curriculum. For any withdrawals from the program after June 3, 2019, the tuition is non-refundable. For more information, please contact the program manager.

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