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Learn to Code at Loyola

The Loyola Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development (CECD) has partnered with Tech Talent South and software development studio LookFar to develop a new certificate program in software development.  This innovative 10-week program is designed to bridge the gap between the core skills learned in a liberal arts education and the starting point for a career in technology and software development.

Learning to code will allow you to build, innovate, and pursue your passion across a variety of industries.  It is an in-demand skill, and a foothold to using technology to solve all kinds of problems.

For more information: Contact Program Manager Kate McCrery or:

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Imagine Yourself Leveraging the Power of Technology to Solve Problems
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(And getting paid to do it!)

This is where innovation starts.  

In this ten-week “bootcamp,” you’ll earn more than a certificate that you can put on your resume. You will immerse yourself in a new discipline and build a foundation for a rewarding and multifaceted career in technology.   At Loyola, you will learn in-demand local skills from local practitioners.

Through a mix of coursework and hands-on implementation, this course will help you develop your own personal portfolio of web projects.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Build and design responsive webpages with core languages HTML & CSS
  • Design webpages quickly using front-end frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Create web application frameworks with JavaScript
  • Prototype database-driven apps
  • Deploy custom-built applications to the web using cloud-based hosting
  • Understand the difference between NoSQL and SQL-based databases, with basic SQL management and querying
  • Build their own APIs
  • Integrate third-party APIs into an application and pull in data from sources like Google Maps, Stripe, and Facebook
  • Apply the crucial skill of domain modeling resources and relationships in database-backed applications

This is what’s used to build billion-dollar companies. It’s also what tech companies in Louisiana and the surrounding region are looking for in their candidates. Desperately so—they can’t find enough candidates qualified to meet what the GNO Community Data Center has cited as an urgent need for growth in the digital sector.

There are, right now, approximately 3,000 unfilled positions in software development in Louisiana that are waiting for candidates with these coding qualifications.

A line of code can do amazing things—it can protect people, connect them, inspire them, wow them. Right now, it can get you a job. Easily. From there, you can do anything.

If you can write code, you can write your future. Take the first step in building the bridge between your graduation and your career today.

Program Details

We are now accepting applications for our initial cohort of 12-15 students.  Spots are filling quickly so get your application in today.  

The program is designed for graduating seniors and recent alumni, from any degree granting university, who intend to seek employment in the technology field upon program completion.  

The program is scheduled to start June 5th, 2017 and will conclude August 11th, 2017.  The program follows a "full time" 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday with some additional project work taking place after hours.  The class is about half lecture and half hands-on time building your own portfolio of software applications.

The cost of the program is $6,999.  A $1,000 deposit is due at enrollment to hold the student's spot.  The balance of the tuition payment is due June 1st, 2017.  Individual payment plans can be set up with the Program Manager under a "lay away"  plan as long as tuition is paid in full by June 30th, 2017 and 2/3 of tuition due is paid by June 1st, 2017.  Please contact the program manager for details.

For more information: Contact Program Manager Kate McCrery or:

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