Katie Witry

Katie co-founded the Witry Collective with the inherent understanding that collaboration is the key to having a more efficient, effective and fully integrated approach to the Real Estate process. The Witry Collective’s strengths and differentiation comes from its use of leading technology and core belief that building business partnerships across various industries within real estate is essential to supporting the residents of New Orleans and preserving the historic neighborhoods they call home.

Katie worked under Gardner Realtors® in the Garden District for twelve years before opening the Witry Collective. She has been an active participant in local networks for more than twenty years; reaffirming for her that the resilience of a community lies in the hearts of its members. Her clients consist of many individuals in different stages of their lives as well as neighborhood associations, church groups, sellers moving out of the city, buyers moving to the city, renovators, investors and first-time homebuyers.

All of her clients are looking for a professional to guide them through every step of making a smart decision in the local market. As a Community minded Realtor and founder of a woman owned brokerage, her focus is to ensure that all residents of New Orleans make intelligent real estate decisions, build equity, generational wealth, and maintain assets. Katie's goal is to build lasting relationships and strengthen communities.

Katie graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2000, with a major in Sociology and a minor in Women’s Studies.  She founded the Women’s Issues Organization, the anit-sweatshop campaign, was a LUCAP member and assisted in developing the curriculum for the Women’s Studies minor.  She has fond memories of working in the academic enrichment office and at the University’s student center. She attributes her ability to drive meaningful change today from her passion for equality, proactive approach to community involvement, and effective impact on social justice to these positive experiences as a Loyola University student.