Why Music Majors Should Learn How To Code

So you're a music major. Why should you learn how to code?

  • If a student can learn how to read music, he/she can learn how to code.
  • "Today’s dominant music companies are software companies: Apple, Spotify, and Pandora." 
  • "Thanks to their performance background, attention to detail, and innate need to perfect their parts, musicians tend to be analytical, logical and methodical—skills that the best coders also possess."  
  • "Ultimately, a software package can be compared to a musical composition. The complexity of the overall structure consists of a large number of relatively simple aspects, interwoven in deliberate patterns to create a complex result." 
  • "For Sullivan, an ability to work independently and without much supervision—while also successfully collaborating with a larger group when necessary—has informed his transition to coding.