Programs Overview

Bobet Hall - College of Business - Loyola University New Orleans

The Center for Ethics and Economic Justice features lectures by speakers with a sound understanding of value-based decision-making and how traditional faiths can play a vital role in retrieving and reinvigorating the spiritual roots of business practice; seminars and conferences for scholars and CEOs who delve into the ethics of commerce and the religious roots of business; and forums including journalists, academics, clergy and students on challenges to spirituality in the work world.



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Campus Enrichment

Faculty and Staff Lunches

Major in Business - Minor in Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies Minor requirements:

  • RELS S252 Catholicism
  • BA-B415 Business Ethics
  • Two more Catholic Studies (CATH) listed courses  (These may also satisfy History 1, 2 and Writing About Literature Core requirements)
  • PHIL U294 Religion and Rationality
  • (Satisfies Philosophy 2 Core requirement)
  • RELS-S270 Jesus Christ (satisfies Christian Traditions Core requirement)
  • One-credit Catholic Autobiography seminar course

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