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The Center for Ethics and Economic Justice is a research, education, and outreach organization that works with scholars, policy experts, and business leaders to connect academic learning and real world practice. The mission of the center is to promote sound interdisciplinary research to produce innovative ideas that advance in a sustainable way a free, prosperous, and responsible civil society.

Through seminars and conferences, the center seeks to provide a forum where the presentation of reliable academic research and practical discussion of real-world lessons intersect. This unique educational model yields programs offering information that is not only highly credible, but broadly applicable to the work of a diverse audience. The center aims to bring the lessons of spirituality and economics to bear on the most pressing concerns in business and ethics.

1st Annual International CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance Conference

Location: University of Surrey, U.K.
Date: August 14 - 15, 2014

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Loyola Deans' Colloquium 2013

Aligning Institutional (Faith-Based) Values / Strategy With Management Education Frameworks in the 21st Century 
Location:  Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, LA
Date:  February 28 - March 2, 2013


  • Dean Paolo Bidinost, Ph.D.; Universidade Catolica de Sedes Sapientiae, Peru
  • Dr. Nicholas Capaldi; Loyola University New Orleans
  • Prof. Ignasi Carreras; ESADE Business School
  • Dr. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J.; University of Detroit Mercy
  • Dr. Gilberto Cely, S.J.; Javeriana University
  • Dean James Dorris, Ph.D.; Regis University College for Professional Studies
  • Dean Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D.; Fairfield University
  • Dean Sandra L. Gill, Ph.D.; Benedictine University
  • Exec. Dean Charles Phillip Harris, Ph.D.; University of Chester,
  • Chester Business School
  • Dean Ellen Harshman, Ph.D., J.D.; Saint Louis University
  • Jeffrey Hoffman, Observer
  • Dr. Jim Joseph; Le Moyne College
  • Dean Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D.; Pepperdine University
  • Dean William Locander, Ph.D.; Loyola University New Orleans
  • Dean Tomislav Mandakovic; Ph.D.; Barry University
  • Dean Terry S. Maness, D.B.A.; Baylor University
  • Interim Dean Rev. David McCallum, S.J., Ed.D.; Le Moyne College
  • Dr. Mollie Painter; EABIS, Academic Director
  • Dean Robert F. Scherer, Ph.D., SPHR; University of Dallas
  • Dean Turney Stevens, Ph.D.; Lipscomb University
  • Assoc. Dean Ross E. Stewart, Ph.D.; Seattle Pacific University
  • Assoc. Dean Michael Thompson, Ph.D.; Brigham Young University
  • Dean Anita Underwood, Ph.D.; Nyack College
  • Dean Ray Whittington, Ph.D.; DePaul University
  • Dean Chuck Williams, Ph.D.; Butler University

10th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Center for Spiritual Capital hosted the 10th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility on May 18-20, 2011, organized in conjunction with the Social Responsibility Research Network.

The SRRNet was formed in 2003 after the success of the first International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility. Since then it has continued to grow and there are currently around 600 members based all over the world. The main reason for the existence of the SRRNet is to enable scholars concerned with various aspects of social responsibility to communicate with each other, share information, join together in research projects, develop courses and course material, and conduct various other activities.

The goals of the Social Responsibility Research Network are strongly aligned with those of the Center for Spiritual Capital, and the center is honored to host this 10th anniversary conference event.

International Ecumenical Conference

The topic of this conference, held June 10-13, 2004, was “The Ethics of Commerce: An Inquiry into the Religious Roots and Spiritual Context of Ethical Business Practice.” The conference was open to scholars, religious leaders, and business professionals from across the globe. Papers were presented on various religious traditions’ perspectives on the ethics of commerce. Questions addressed included: Is a purely secular business ethics irremediably deficient? Does a substantive business ethics require a religious and spiritual framework? To what extent does current business practice reflect a spiritual dimension? What are the various religious traditions’ perspectives on the ethics of commerce? Can the various religious traditions generate a non-adversarial, consistent, and coherent business ethic? Is there a role for religion and spirituality in a global and post-modern business world?


Samuel Gregg Lecture

CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING: Its Present Failures and Future Promise

Dr. Samuel Gregg is research director at the Acton Institute. He has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in moral philosophy and political economy from the University of Oxford, where he worked under the supervision of Professor John Finnis. He has written and spoken extensively on questions of political economy, economic history, and natural law theory.

He is the author of several books, including his prize-winning The Commercial Society (2007); The Modern Papacy (2009); Wilhelm Ropke's Political Economy (2010); and Becoming Europe: Economic Decline, Culture, and How America Can Avoid a European Future (2013). He edited Natural Law, Economics and the Common Good (2012) and most recently Tea Party Catholic: The Catholic Case for Limited Government, a Free Economy, and Human Flourishing (co-authored with Michael Novak 2013).

Roger Scruton Lecture

Roger Scruton is an English philosopher who has written over thirty books, including Art and Imagination (1974), The Meaning of Conservatism (1980), Sexual Desire (1986), The Philosopher on Dover Beach (1990), The Aesthetics of Music (1997), Beauty (2009), and Our Church (2012). Scruton has also written two novels and composed two operas. He studied law at the Inns of Court (1974–1976), and was called to the Bar in 1978. Scruton was involved in the establishment of underground universities and academic networks in Soviet-controlled Central Europe during the Cold War, and in 1998 he was awarded by President Václav Havel the Czech Republic's Medal of Merit. Scruton has held positions at Boston University and the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. In 2010 he delivered the Gifford Lectures at St Andrews on the topic, “The Face of God.” He is currently a Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. 

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Robert P. George Lecture

Robert George, Princeton University’s McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and founder and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, gave a lecture entitled “Five Pillars of a Decent and Dynamic Society.” The lecture was part of Loyola’s centennial celebration and was sponsored by the College of Business and Center for Spiritual Capital. The lecture addressed two of Loyola’s Jesuit education ideals: linking faith with justice and concern for the poor and oppressed.

Robert P. George, J.D., Ph.D., former presidential appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, delivered a free lecture at Loyola University New Orleans Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7 p.m. in Louis J. Roussel Performance Hall. 

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John B. Levert, Jr. Lecture Series

This annual lecture series is the keystone of the Center's lecture events.

The inaugural John B. Levert, Jr. Lecture was given in 2009 by Professor James Stoner, Chair of Political Science at LSU.

Previous Lecture Series + Events

Even before forming the Center for Spiritual Capital, the College of Business has been committed to exploring the relationship of business and spirituality, and held an annual business ethics lecture series.

In the 2002-03 academic year, the College of Business invited Father Robert Sirico and Michael Novak, two speakers who understand the relationship between academia, the religious world, and the business community, to speak on the ethical underpinnings of entrepreneurship. Sirico is co-founder and president of the Acton Insitute for the Study of Religion and Liberty; Novak is perhaps the most prominent Catholic public intellectual in the U.S. today.

In the 2003-04 academic year, the College hosted lectures on ethical leadership by Chris Lowney, a former Jesuit and the Managing Director at J. P. Morgan (as well as author of Heroic Leadership: Best Practices From A 450-year-old Company That Changed The World) and the late Father Robert John Neuhaus, editor of First Things. In addition, in a separate lecture series, the Loyola Institute for Ministry presented a lecture on Christianity and Capitalism by interim university president Rev. William Byron, S.J. 

Other previous speakers in the business ethics lecture series by the College of Business included Ted Malloch, Alexei Marcoux, John Hasnas, Lori Ryan, Robert Bradley, Ian Maitland, and Angelo Petroni.