Jesuit Tradition + Network

Ignatius Loyola Statue - Peace Quad - College of Business - Loyola University New Orleans

Citizens of the world

The hallmark of a Loyola education can be summed up as producing citizens of the world—men and women who live with and for others.

A Jesuit education happens on many levels, to develop a fully integrated member of human society. Loyola seeks to prepare students to be active participants on the global stage. Rather than simply teaching our future graduates what to think, we will teach you how to think. These critical distinctions are at the very heart of what it means to receive a Jesuit education at Loyola.

Part of a powerful network

But that's not the only benefit: The Loyola MBA Program is part of the Jesuit MBA Network, a group of MBA programs at Jesuit and Jesuit-friendly colleges and universities that have agreed to work together to promote the many benefits of Jesuit business education. By working together, the MBA programs within this network promote opportunities for all MBA students in Jesuit programs.

Among the benefits of this powerful network is the portability of credits from one member school to another. Loyola's MBA Program accepts without reservation any applicable graduate business credits taken at any of the over 20 other institutions in the network, for up to 50% of the total core and elective coursework required for the MBA degree, a flexibility unique to the Jesuit MBA network.