Programs Overview

Bobet Hall - College of Business - Loyola University New Orleans

The Center for Ethics and Economic Justice features lectures by speakers with a sound understanding of value-based decision-making and how traditional faiths can play a vital role in retrieving and reinvigorating the spiritual roots of business practice; seminars and conferences for scholars and CEOs who delve into the ethics of commerce and the religious roots of business; and forums including journalists, academics, clergy and students on challenges to spirituality in the work world.

The center is also developing an online 12-hour graduate certificate program for middle- and upper-level business leaders to analyze key elements of erosion in social virtue and social capital, and critique the teachings of mainstream religious traditions on business.

In addition, the center honors exemplary members of the business and religious communities for their commitment to the virtues of spiritual capital. The inaugural Alden "Doc" Laborde Award for Ethical Entrepreneurship was given on May 19, 2010, to its namesake, Alden "Doc" Laborde, founder of Tidewater, Inc., for his lifetime of unselfish service and principled business practices. Mr. Laborde and future awardees will also be featured by the center in a Spiritual Entrepreneurship Hall Of Fame.