Employer FAQs

What are the requirements for a business to qualify as an internship site?

The business must be able to provide the student intern the opportunity to have a meaningful experience that enhances the academic information students receive in the classroom with real-world experience. Thus, no more than 20% of the intern’s experience may be tasks such as answering phones, filing, or posting fliers. Suitable internship tasks include things such as research, observing business meetings, preparing presentations, writing general client letters, contacting clients, organizing special events, developing marketing plans, etc. The intern should be engaged in a variety of tasks when possible.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours over a minimum consecutive of 5 weeks. Students receive three hours of academic credit towards their graduation requirements and thus the internship is billed to the student as part of their tuition.

What are the benefits of hosting an intern at my business?

There are several benefits. Loyola’s College of Business includes a diverse student body from around the globe. We have an excellent pool of student talent who are eager to learn from you and make meaningful contributions to your organization. Our students employ positive work ethics and enjoy a challenge. Hosting an intern also gives you the opportunity to see if a student might be a good fit for any potential full-time hires in the future.


Can you guarantee I will find an intern?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot guarantee that you will always find an intern at the moment you need one. Sometimes it is just a matter of timing. A large number of our students intern over the summer break at a place close to home. However, we do have many students who intern in the New Orleans area throughout the year.

How do I start the process to post an internship opportunity?

To start this conversation, you can send a job description of the internship to Associate Director Brent McLemore via email to tbmclemo@loyno.edu. The description should give an interested student a good overview as to what qualifications and duties are required/expected. Other items to include would be:

  • location of the business
  • number of weekly hours expected
  • if there is some flexibility in scheduling
  • any perks (such as free parking, location on the streetcar line, attendance at special events, networking opportunities)
  • if the internship is paid or unpaid
  • how and who to contact with a resume and cover letter


Following this, we will review next steps for how to connect virtually on the university's career services platfrom Handshake, where the posting can added to the job and internship board.


What is expected of the intern’s supervisor?

The person who will be supervising the intern should have at least five years full-time work experience and have the time to provide at least minimal on-the-job training to the student. Supervisors should realize that the internship is an important step in the student’s career development plan and be willing to provide advice to the student on career goals, general hiring and promotion practices, and networking opportunities when appropriate. The supervisor will be asked to complete a brief assessment on the student at the end of the internship.

Are all internships paid?

No, the internship does not have to be a paid internship. Many of our students do work part-time jobs to help pay for their education so if an internship is paid it often times becomes more “doable” for the student. Internship pay currently ranges between $10-$16 an hour.


Do you send me resumes?

No, we do not. An important part of the internship search for the student is understanding how a real job search works. We do see many students one-on-one in their search process and will recommend internships that match the students’ interests.

How can I get more information?

Contact Associate Director Brent McLemore at tbmclemo@loyno.edu or 504-864-7968.