Portfolio Policies

Grading Policy

The Business Portfolio Program of Loyola University New Orleans’ College of Business (CoB) is administered through the Dean’s office. The grading policy outlined below (applicable to all Portfolio courses) is administered and enforced through the Dean’s office.

  1. To earn a passing grade, a student must complete all course requirements stipulated in the syllabus posted every semester to Canvas. Students who have not completed all assignments as stipulated on the syllabus will receive an F for the semester. No Incompletes (grade of I) are given for Portfolio courses.
  2. No make-ups are allowed. All F grades remain on the student’s transcript. Students should note that while Portfolio grades do not impact the GPA, a F on a transcript may affect admission to grad school, law school or employment opportunities. It may also affect ability to join honor societies, receive CoB scholarships, or receive recommendations and referrals.
  3. Beginning with the Spring 2013 semester, students who fail one or more Portfolio courses will be ineligible to graduate until they sign a graduation waiver with the dean’s office.
  4. Incoming transfer students will not be required to make up Portfolio courses that they missed prior to transferring to the CoB. However, they will be enrolled in a Portfolio course upon becoming a CoB major and must pass all Portfolio courses going forward.
  5. Students who study abroad for a semester or year will be waived from the Portfolio requirements for those semesters only.
  6. Portfolio exemptions for medical reasons will be handled on a case by case basis through the Dean’s office.