Economics professor's nationally-recognized paper honored with Outstanding Research award

John Levendis received the Outstanding Research award for his nationally-recognized work on locally-relevant issues such as judicial campaign donations and home elevation in flood zones.

Economics professor John Levendis received the 2008-2009 Outstanding Research award from his colleagues.

Dr. Levendis' output in the 2008-2009 academic year included two econometric papers which focused on local hot-button issues: The impact of campaign money on Louisiana Supreme Court rulings and the effect of home elevation or flood hazard on real estate markets in New Orleans.

His paper with Tulane law professor Vernon Palmer on the Louisiana Supreme Court reached the attention of journalists and bloggers at such national publications as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and was the subject of many editorials in the local Times-Picayune.

Dr. Levendis was also interviewed numerous times concerning the economic crisis in the country, and continued his research into slave auctions and the predictive power of markets. Congratulations to Dr. Levendis on the success of his research and for this well-deserved award.