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let’s get digital!

Follow the links below for help electronically submitting information that is traditionally delivered by a form. Fill out the forms electronically, and email them.

  • If one of the items below indicates the need for an actual form instead of an email, many options exist including using the free Adobe Reader software's "Fill and Sign" function.
  • Fill out forms electronically, and email them.
  • If handwritten, scan, then email, or
  • Take a picture of a form with your phone, then email.
  • Whether an item needs one signatures or multiple approvals, email ALL the parties at the same time (including yourself and the final recipient/s), and ask them to give their approval electronically via the email. 

CoB Quick Reference Guide

1. Single Course Withdrawal Form

Single Course Withdrawal Form

Course Withdrawals

  • Download the form, then fill out the form on your computer, and attach it to an email.
  • Make the Subject of the email very specific: Name, ID, and "Withdrawing from SUBJ###".
  • CC, your faculty advisor, and your instructor.

For Withdrawal dates and deadlines:

2. Cross-Enrollment/Consortium


Attach the completed form to an email and send to the following persons all at the same time:

Download the form, and fill it in by hand or using the free Adobe Reader’s “Fill and Sign” function:

Consortium Form

We will forward your approved request to Student Records, and they will further correspond with your consortium school.


To Withdraw* from a consortium class, email the Office of Student Records at both schools at the same time – put your full name and ID # in the Subject, and list the course/s from which you wish to Withdraw.

*Deadlines are the responsibility of the student – see important academic dates on the Academic Calendars according to length of session here:  

3. Request for an Incomplete

Please read every part of the policy completely before downloading the form.


Submit your completed form to the professor.

Incomplete Grade Request Form

4. Independent Studies

CoB faculty member (with tenure) to facilitate the course. Please include the specific name for the course. You will need three signatures: student, instructor and Associate Dean. Attach the syllabus and include required readings, requirements, i.e. meetings, exams, projects/papers, assessment, goals and outcomes and grading policy.

Independent Study Request Form

5. Summer Course Request

Approved to Take Summer Course Form

6. Application for Academic Amnesty

Please read every part of the policy before downloading the form.


When the form is complete, copy all of the below as appropriate:

The Dean's office will forward this to Student Records on your behalf when approved.

Academic Amnesty Request Form

7. Request a Double Major

Request a Double Major form