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Make the sale, and so much more

Marketing today offers the creative and impassioned student exciting new opportunities and challenges. The marketing landscape is changing rapidly with the rise of on-demand multimedia and social networking technology -- and Loyola's marketing major will show you how to get ahead of the curve. You'll be ready for a lucrative and exciting career in new product design and development, corporate brand management, special events planning and promotion, market research, consumer analysis, or more.

What You Will Learn

You’ll tap into your creative genius using your expertise in marketing concepts, theories, analytical methods, and practical techniques to help reach customers. Loyola offers you all the tools you will need to hone these skills, from state-of-the-art multimedia facilities to up-to-the-minute marketing data sources. You can also pursue a minor or double major in advertising, public relations, or graphic design through Loyola’s communication department.

Get to know our marketing faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Sample Courses

In addition to your marketing courses, you’ll take core courses in business, management, finance, and economics. Because as a marketing professional, it’s important to understand all areas of the business world. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn and do:

  • Basic Marketing

This examines how product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions are made to satisfy the needs of specific target markets. The impacts of political-legal, competitive, socio-cultural, technological, and economic environments on marketing are also studied.

  • Electronic Marketing

This course explores technological topics and strategies popular with today’s connected caonsumer. In particular, it examines search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing topics. Students will gain a clear understanding of how today’s connected consumer uses technology, communication, and devices as each relates to marketing.

  • International Marketing

This course explores similarities and differences of domestic and international marketing programs; sources of information available to firms considering foreign marketing efforts; costs and problems of gathering this information; formulation and implementation of marketing strategies in other environments.

  • Promotions Management

This course emphasizes development of integrated promotional programs. Advertising, public relations, personal selling, promotional packaging, along with many other sales stimulating methods and techniques are covered.

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