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Loyola University New Orleans is proud to be a member of CUIBE, a consortium of nationally recognized international business programs. The College of Business will host the 2023 Spring Governance Meeting in New Orleans with keynote speaker, Dr. David Audretsch. Learn more about attending the conference here.

Be a global change agent

We live in exciting times – Rapidly changing technologies, the globalization of business, rising economic integration and interdependence of world economies, and the emergence of multinational and international organizations that conduct business worldwide. Now is your chance to be at the center of these exciting changes – as an international business major or minor.

What You Will Learn

Through courses in international economics, finance, marketing, management, strategy; courses in culture, history, political science and business practices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America; foreign language study; internships; and work abroad, and foreign exchange and study abroad programs, we prepare you to step into leadership positions in international organizations and firms that conduct business worldwide.

Get to know our international business faculty, and then explore the requirements of the degree program below.

Sample Courses

International business coursework supplements a core business curriculum from the economics, marketing, management, and accounting departments. You’ll also either take an internship abroad or study abroad and complete an internship at home. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn and do:

  • International Management

This course prepares students to be effective decision-makers in an international setting. It covers the international business environment, including national differences in political economy and culture, international trade, exchange rates, intellectual property rights, and more.

  • International Financial Management

This course explores the problems and complexities that arise when trade and investment take place across national boundaries. Topics include financing international trade, exchange rate risk, risk exposure and management, and international investments.

  • International Marketing

This course explores similarities and differences of domestic and international marketing programs, sources of information available to firms considering foreign marketing efforts, costs and problems of gathering this information, and formulation and implementation of marketing strategies in other environments.

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