Todd Bacile

Associate Professor of Marketing; Clifton A. Morvant Distinguished Professor in Business

Ph.D., Marketing, Florida State University; M.B.A., Mississippi State University; B.S., Management, Wayne State University

Dr. Bacile is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at Loyola University New Orleans. He earned his Ph.D. in Marketing from Florida State University in 2013. His research centers on services marketing and digital marketing topics, including offline and online customer complaining and service recovery, online customer reviews, how online incivility affects marketers, customer-to-customer interactions in service environments, digital information products, and the implications of a changing information economy that is shifting power away from firms to consumers.

His research has been published or is forthcoming in research journals and national marketing conferences, including the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Marketing Education Review, American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, Frontiers in Service, Society for Marketing Advances, the Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, and other outlets. He also serves on the editorial review board for Marketing Education Review. In addition to publishing and presenting his research, Dr. Bacile is also a keynote speaker at various industry conferences that need instruction or expert opinion for various marketing concepts, including traditional marketing challenges, social media, search engines, online reviews, e-commerce, mobile marketing, branding, and personal online branding for job seekers in today’s connected world.

Dr. Bacile is also an accomplished teacher in the classroom. He has won two different university-wide teaching awards at two different universities (Loyola and Florida State University) and received teaching awards for both undergraduate and graduate classes. Part of his success is due to the use of an experiential learning approach with class projects that help support course concepts. As an example, he has successfully helped dozens of students successfully pass the Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords official certification exams (offered by Google) by building course concepts into a class that prepares students to take these exams by the end of the semester. In addition, while a doctoral candidate at Florida State his teaching efforts earned him multiple teaching awards due to his creation of an innovative classroom project that used social media influence metrics as part of the grading component within the course. His teaching methods have been featured in stories by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, U.S. News and World Report, and many other online sources.

Recent Publications: 

Bacile, Todd J., Jeremy S. Wolter, Alexis M. Allen, and Pei Xu (2018, forthcoming), “The Effects of Online Incivility and Consumer-to-Consumer Interactional Justice on  Complainants, Observers, and Service Providers During Social Media Service Recovery,” accepted at the Journal of  Interactive Marketing.

Fox, Alexa, Todd J. Bacile, Nakhata, Chinintorn, and Aleshia Weible (2018), “Selfie-Marketing: Exploring Narcissism and Self-Concept in Visual User-Generated Content on Social Media,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35 (1), 11-21.

Bacile, Todd J., Debra A. Laverie, Richard C. Hanna, Rebeca Perren, and Kristin Stewart (2018), “Digital Marketing Certifications for Your Students: A Panel Discussing Recommendations and Challenges for Faculty,” panel discussion at the American Marketing Association’s Summer Educator’s Conference, Boston, MA.

Bacile, Todd J., Jeremy S. Wolter, Alexis M. Allen, Pei Xu, and Tara Luck Mariano (2018), “Customer-to-Customer Interactional Justice: A New Challenge for Service Recovery via Social Media,” presented at Academy of Marketing Science, New Orleans, LA.

Min, Dong-Jun and Todd J. Bacile (2017), “A Polyadic Customization-Engagement Paradox of Hypertargeting in Social Media: Can Exclusive Personalization be Detrimental to Consumer-to-Consumer Engagement?,” presented at Marketing EDGE Summit, New Orleans, LA.

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