Whitney Presentation Room - College of Business - Loyola University New Orleans

30% of entrepreneurship is teachable. 70% of entrepreneurship is experiential. We can give you both.


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development (CECD) is Loyola's hub for entrepreneurial activity across campus and a vital link to the New Orleans entrepreneurial community.

Entrepreneurship is more than just creating new businesses, and its principles apply to every industry and academic discipline. Anyone can have a good idea - but it takes skill development and practice to turn that idea into a profitable venture. As one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs (Lending Tree, 2018), New Orleans is particularly well positioned to provide the hands-on, entrepreneurial experience students need to be successful after college.

Through internships, business competitions, specialized training and one-on-one mentorship, students involved in the CECD will be able to identify problems quickly and produce sustainable solutions through critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. These traits are in demand by employers in every industry, yet they are seldom displayed by college-aged job seekers. Through an Entrepreneurship Minor (the most popular on Loyola's campus) or MBA specialization, students across all majors can gain the training needed to bring innovation to large organizations, or brand new startups.

Students need experience. New Orleans needs talent. We can connect them and produce long-term results.


2016-2017 Annual Report